ProKitchen Software Complementary
Version Download Instructions ​​

ProKitchen Standard is offered as part of your ProKitchen On-Line license as a complementary back up in case you lose Internet connection or there are server issues. It allows you to continue to work without an internet connection IF you install and keep it updated to stay current with your ProKitchen On-Line.
To install ProKitchen Standard Complementary
Make sure the ProKitchen On-Line is not running. - Stop any Antivirus and Firewall until reboot.
Download and install these ProKitchen requirements:
Java – – the site will select the appropriate version for your computer
Adobe Acrobat:              
Adobe Flash:                    
Login Credentials: (these are provided by ProKitchen when you purchased).
Password: Design
Once installed it will open – the first step is to activate – select activate with purchase then activate complementary  using the credentials above.
To update ProKitchen Standard Complementary:
Unlike ProKitchen on-line - ProKitchen Standard does not automatically update. First step is to check for any ProKitchen updates – Click on the Update Menu – Catalog updates – uncheck everything except ProKitchen Update; if there is one.  (Program Updates should always be installed first and with no other updates) - Now go back and update catalogs, a few at a time depending on your internet connection.
Set your default design path – Settings – Default Settings – Design Folder (Typically in Documents and Called ProKitchen Designs). This should match the default design path in your ProKitchen On-Line.  
You will need to run updates on a regular basis because if your complementary standalone gets out of date you will not be able to open designs created in ProKitchen On-Line.
Also remember you cannot have both programs open at the same time or your license will register a conflict.  Three conflicts and your license will be locked out and support will have to remove the conflicts before you can use the program (Your sales rep cannot do this). It is recommended waiting 5 minutes between switching programs to allow the server to release the license.
Reboot the computer to enable antivirus and firewall.

If you have any questions or need help with installing the program please contact ProKitchen Software Support at 616-524-5243 Ext. #2.


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