Design Special

March Design Special Pricing

Through the end of March I'm offering a

 special "Prepaid Flat Rate" for my design services. 
You simply purchase a quantity of designs for one flat rate.
The special rates are as follow:

Special Prepaid Flat Rate Pricing
4 designs - $640.00 ($160.00 per design)
9 designs - $1,260.00 ($140.00 per design)
13 designs - $1,560.00 ($120.00 per design)
20 designs - $2,000.00 ($100.00 per design)
30 designs - $2,850.00 ($95.00 per design)
40 designs - $3,600.00 ($90.00 per design)
Plus, there is no additional charge for the floorplan/elevation plans, parts list and HD presentation package (considered 1/2 of a design).

Note: Package must be purchased by March 31st, 2019.

Regular Prepaid Flat Rate Pricing
3 designs - $540.00 ($180.00 per design)
7 designs - $1,120.00 ($160.00 per design)
11 designs - $1,540.00 ($140.00 per design)
17 designs - $2,040.00 ($120.00 per design)
35 designs - $3,500.00 ($100.00 per design)

​What is considered a design?

In most cases a complete room is a design, meaning a full kitchen, not including the dining and/or living room would be a complete design. If you have a large bathroom with several fixtures (shower, tub, toilet etc.) and a vanity that would be considered a full design, however a one or two bathrooms with just the vanities would be considered a quarter to a half of a design, depending on the size.

If a design is more or less than a full design I will let you know before I proceed with that design. If it is a full design I will simply start designing and send you the design file/package once the design is completed.

If I put together a complete presentation package (3D or HD views, floorplans/elevations and the Parts List) it will be considered a 1/2 of a design, but will only be completed upon your request. This is included in this special KBIS package.

​What about revisions?

Every design includes two free revisions. For any additional revisions they will be calculated on a job-by-job basis. We will let you know how many design(s) the specific revision is before we start the revision.  

​How Long Do I Have To Use The Designs?

You'll have one year to use all your pre-purchased designs, so select the package that works the best for you.

​What is the turn-around time?

Typically the turn around time is 24 to 72 hours from the time we receive all the required information. If we're completing the full presentation package that time may be increased, however all the designs with the presentation package should be completed within 96 hours at the most.

How do I make a payment?

To purchase a "Prepaid Flat Rate" package please use the PayPal button below and select the package that works for you.​​

"Greg has been invaluable to my business. He has extensive design AND build experience. His turnaround times are quick and he delivers what he promises! 
I am extremely lucky to have found him :) Thank you Greg!!"

Michelle Decinces, CA