Sales Rep Reference Submission​​

​​Thank you for letting your customer know about the ProKitchen Training Workshops. Please use the form below to submit the interested customers information (please only send this information if they want to attend a workshop). Once we have enough attendees interested we will consider the requested location.

All information must be submitted before the customer signs up for the workshop. If the customer signs up for a workshop and you have not submitted the information utilizing this form, a SPIF for that customer may not be paid.

SPIF amounts for referring a customer:
If the purchase is over $400.00 per person referred your SPIF is 20%.
If the purchase is under $399.99 per person referred your SPIF is 10%.

All referred private workshops are paid a 10% SPIF.

Once I receive the submitted information I will contact the customer and give them any information they may need about the workshop.

All SPIFs are paid after the workshop is completed and/or books and USB drives are shipped and will be paid via a PayPal account.

You are responsible for all taxes and fees associated with any SPIF payment.

ProKitchen Sales Rep Name
Referred Customer Company Name
What Price Per Seat Did You Quote Them, if Any?
How Many People Are Interested In Attending From This Company?
Referred Customers CMS Account #
Company Contact (Who Did You Talk To?)
Any Notes About This Contact?
What Location Are They Wanting To Attend?