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Please use the form below to suggest a location for a ProKitchen Training Workshop. Once we have enough requests in a specific location we will schedule a workshop.

Note: Please suggest locations near larger cities for better results and locations you would be attending if selected.
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Workshop and Order Information,Terms and Conditions

For ProKitchen Training and Design (PKTAD)

Workshops are from 10:00am to 6:00pm each day, with a one hour lunch (not provided).
Each attendee will receive the most current ProKitchen Training Book and Advanced USB.
All travel related expenses such as airfare, hotel, food etc. are at the expense of the attendee.
Each attendee must have a computer with ProKitchen installed on it as well as an external mouse.
Attendees should have computer and design knowledge before attending a workshop.
PKTAD or Real View, LLC cannot be held liable due circumstances beyond its control. 
Workshop dates are subject to change, however attendees will be notified if dates are changed.
Workshop locations are subject to change, however if changed they are typically in the same area.


"I can't imagine trying to learn this program without this intensive program. Greg really took the time to ensure we got all the information necessary to work on our own.".

Tracy Blitz-Newman - Carol Tracy Design, LLC, MD