"After the Workshop" Survey

I want to thank you for attending my ProKitchen Workshop and would like your feedback and opinions. It would be appreciated if you could take a few minutes and complete the survey below. Please give me your honest feedback, so I can improved my workshops.

What would you change about the workshop?
How would you rate your overall experience from 1 to10? (10 being best)
What workshop did you attend?
How was the pace of the workshop (too fast, too slow or just right)?
Would you recommend the workshop to others (yes or no... if no, please let me know why, so I can address the issue)?
Can interested people call you for a reference? (if so, please provide your phone number)
How useful is the workbook during and after the workshop?
Please provide a testimonial about the workshop and your experience.
Would you be interested in attending a new, one-day, "How To Design" training workshop? (see below for details)
If yes, how soon would you like the workshop?

The "How To Design" workshop will show all the do's and don'ts in the kitchen and bath industry. It will show the different ways to turn corners, how to use fillers, how to measure a room and not miss the important details and much, much more. The course would include a book and would most likely be a one-day course. It would be based on my 30+ years of experience and will have great information for any level of designer.


"I can't imagine trying to learn this program without this intensive program. Greg really took the time to ensure we got all the information necessary to work on our own.".

Tracy Blitz-Newman - Carol Tracy Design, LLC, MD