Training Course Content

Basic Course (included in the Get Started Workshop):
  • How to start ProKitchen
  • Creating a new design and filing it correctly in your computer
  • Design Settings (adding customers, wall attributes, colors and much more)
  • Global Specifications (door styles, colors, species etc.)
  • Creating basic walls (a quick way to draw walls)
  • Placing windows (and doors)
  • Window specifications
  • Resizing windows
  • Tool-tip functionality
  • Expanding windows
  • Placing items
  • The find option
  • On screen functions
  • Countertop and backsplash placement
  • Automatic moldings
  • Creating elevations
  • Placing an over-the-range microwave
  • Naming elevations
  • Cabinet attributes (General, Spec Book, Accessories & Modifications)
  • Bill of Materials
  • Manufacturer Report
  • Customer Report
  • 3D Navigation
  • Isometric Views
  • Panorama Views
  • Pre-set 3D Views 

Navigation Course (included in the Get Started Workshop):
  • Zoom tools
  • Menus
       AutoCAD export and import
       Google SketchUp export
       QuickBooks export
       Showroom export
       iPad and Android export
       Oculus Riff export
       User Data export
       Uninstalling catalogs
       File back-ups
       Purge database
  • Default Settings
  • Display Settings
  • Save All Settings
  • Image Collections (bringing in your own colors and textures)
  • Catalog Settings (creating multiple catalogs)

Intermediate Course (included in the Get Started Workshop):
  • Sketching walls
  • Rotating walls
  • Moving walls
  • Resizing walls
  • Extruding walls
  • Adding walls and construction lines
  • Continuing walls
  • Wall Attributes
  • Creating both inside and outside elevations
  • Deleting walls
  • Adding an island (exactly where you want it)
  • Moving an island
  • Resizing a window (from one side)
  • Changing the background picture in a window)
  • Window parameters 
  • Door parameters
  • Dragging items
  • Moving items (three different ways)
  • Rotating items (three different ways)
  • Moving items in and out
  • Moving items up and down
  • Centering an item on another item
  • Positioning one item an exact distance from another item
  • Fitting a larger item into a smaller space
  • Snapping one item to another
  • Stacking cabinets with ease
  • Moving item nomenclatures (SKU's)
  • Copying an item
  • Replacing one item with another
  • The five ways to delete and item
  • Creating a group of items (move the group as one)
  • Creating a solution that can be used later (your own catalog of groups)
  • Change from one catalog to another with ease
  • Placing an appliance into a cabinet
  • Creating one single elevation from three different elevations
  • Stacking and inserting moldings into other moldings
  • Editing countertops
  • Changing a countertop to a different color
  • Measurement tools
  • Adding comments to the floorplan and elevations
  • Adding lines to the floorplan
  • Comment toolbar (adding shapes to your design)
  • Decorating your design
  • Using the light settings properly
  • Basic wall and floor user-shapes
  • Quoting in multiple door styles in the same plan
  • Reporting a problem to ProKitchen
  • Printing (preview, templates and settings)
  • Creating a combined report (combining different views and pages into one single report)
  • Search tools (never loose a design again)
  • Your license information
  • The Help menu
  • How to email from ProKitchen
  • Automatic updates
  • Online video tutorials
  • How to create cathedral and sloped ceilings 
  • How to mirror a design for multi-unit projects
  • How to switch a design from one manufacturer to another
  • How to use the EZ link button and order online through ProKitchen
  • NKBA Guidelines and how to show them on your plan (plan checks)
  • Countertop Design (creating edge details and exact pricing for countertops)
  • How to bring in items not in the ProKitchen catalogs (importing from the Google Warehouse
  • What is ProKitchen Showroom

Advanced Course (included with the On-Demand USB only. Not shown in the Get Started Workshop):
  • Adding in multiple modifications
       Changing the height of opening, drawers and doors
       Adding clipped corners
       Adding in Rev-A-Shelf accessories and showing them in the cabinet
       Adding in applied doors and beaded ends
       Adding plant-on door panels
       Showing a raised dishwasher in a cabinet
       Adding a valance to an upper cabinet
       Changing the stiles and rails of a cabinet
       Adding custom glass doors to a cabinet
       Changing the depth, height and width of a cabinet in one function
  • Adding a soffit and tray (coffered) ceiling
  • Customizing molding
  • Adding color-matched beams to the ceiling with crown molding
  • Adding in a tile backsplash with a custom tile insert
  • Adding a pot filler
  • Creating a custom neo-angle shower from scratch, including:
       The neo-angle base
       The curb with granite cap
       The shower walls with an insert strip
       The glass walls and door
       Hinges for the glass door
       A knob on the shower door
       The drain
       A granite shampoo shelf in the shower
  • A curved vanity base
  • Creating a custom mirror frame that matches the cabinets
  • Adding a mirror to the mirror frame 
  • Adding molding to the plan where there isn't a wall cabinet
  • Adding in a vessel sink and faucet
  • Adding an electrical outlet
  • Adding a towel bar with a custom color towel
  • Enhanced HD views showing actual mirrors, shadows and reflections
  • Showing logs walls with a custom window
  • Three sided fireplace with custom moldings and cabinets and even the fire

Other items not shown in the above list may be shown during the workshops.

"I would highly recommend ProKitchen training. Greg does an outstanding job of teaching, The class is well paced for the beginner & advanced user alike. Thank you for all your help."

Mike Davis - TMT Remodelers, OR